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Chris Nunez

HIGHLY RECOMMEND!! Sean is the best personal trainer out there! I’ve been working with him for 4 months now and he’s completely turned my life around! He’s extremely knowledgeable when it comes to targeting different muscle groups with his exercises and he makes it fun and challenging. He also knows an insane amount nutritionally and will set up a grocery list customized personally for you! If you’re looking for an honest smart trainer that will make you feel comfortable and be there with you every step of the way, LOOK NO FURTHER!

David Brennan

I've been working with Sean for 6 months now and it has been one of the best decisions I've ever made. I can't even explain how much better I feel about myself, and the results I've been able to make.

I use to have a problem with what to do in the gym, but his app has made it very easy for me to understand each workout. However, the biggest help has been in figuring out my diet and what works best for me.

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Patrick Clifford

Before Sean, my biggest problem was getting to the gym and not knowing what to do. His workouts are organized with descriptions and videos on how each exercise is to be performed. The program really gave me structure in not only my workouts, but my eating too. He showed me what foods to focus on and how my macros should be set up based on my specific goals. For anyone who is hesitant, Sean is great at what he does and is extremely helpful every step of the way.

Sarah Abu-Taleb

I always joke around about the name Shaped By Sean. I'll jokingly always say, "Shaped" whenever I do anything that requires physical effort. But all jokes aside I don't think I could have come up with a better name for the program. Shaped physically, shaped in the kitchen and most importantly reshaping your mentality towards it all. All of these aspects are equally as important, not only in his program, but to him as a person.

When we first started training together it was about losing weight. While my physical goals have always remained important, changing my mental mindset towards food or my social life has become a big part of my "transformation" and I owe that largely to him.

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Mason Transformation.png
Mason Dacany

Sean is awesome! The work outs are challenging and the nutritional aspect has been huge. Since working with Sean I have dropped 6 pant sizes. He really helps you stay motived and is with you to achieve your goals. Thanks Sean!

Tommy Poulos

Getting back into a fitness routine after a disrupted 2020 was proving to be more difficult than I expected. Sean put together an amazing 16-week program specifically designed for my fitness goals of gaining healthy weight and putting on muscle. Throughout the entire program he continued to motivate and provide insights on both fitness and nutrition. More importantly, he was extremely professional and flexible with the ever changing covid environment. Would recommend Sean as a trainer/motivator to anyone looking for a healthy lifestyle boost!

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